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What do you need MORE of in your life? More time to spend with family and friends? More money to pay for your kids' college or your retirement? More freedom to do what you want, when you want? Whatever MORE looks like for you, Cory can help you achieve it. With expert knowledge of the financial industry and a keen understanding of the relationship between finances and lifestyle, Cory’s process helps you turn “MORE” into “JUST RIGHT.” You control your finances, don’t let your finances control you: let Cory teach you the three simple strategies to take your life from fine to fantastic, and start the next part of your life today.

I have had the pleasure of being in the audience as Cory mesmerizes with his presence, charisma, and most of all, his knowledge… he is destined to change the world.

Les Brown

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Cory’s expertise and wisdom have drawn international acclaim, but although his seminars sell out quickly, that doesn’t mean he can’t transform your life too. For everyday access to Cory’s teaching tools and success strategies, his two podcasts. The Money Talk and The Wealth Habits, are available through Spotify and Apple Podcasts! Learn the ins and outs of personal finance and life success on your daily commute or run, and join the group of people whose lives have been transformed by Cory.

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